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Reminder to folks that I'll be at Texicon in Grapevine Texas the weekend of the 27th this month. Grapevine is between Dallas and Fort Worth.

I'll have shirts, books, stickers, hats, sarcasm, and frustratingly vague teasers about future projects on hand. I'm also going to be taking breaks to run and play in some games too!

If you'd like to get something signed, swing by with your books, or pick one up there. I'll have all 6 AUD books, both Elmoryn books, and copies of Tesser as well.

I hope to see you there!


Welcome to Adrian's Undead Diary


Welcome to Adrian's Undead Diary. Adrian Ring is our intrepid hero here, having just barely survived a world consuming apocalypse of the undead.  Adrian's Diary chronicles his battles with the zombie hordes and his ongoing struggle with survival.  Read and understand exactly how he completed his hero's journey, avoiding starvation, zombies, injuries, fellow survivors, and sickness, as well as sharing in his humor and his horror. 

AUD also features pieces of fiction that are set in Adrian's world.  Reading AUD means reading the short stories as they intersect with the Diary.  There are links inserted into the Diary entries telling you when you should read what stories.  In order for you to fully enjoy AUD, please read the stories when you see the links.  Once you're caught up with Diary and the short stories, you can read the entries as they're posted, and the short stories as they're released.

Adrian's Undead Diary is also a series of eBooks, and paperback books.  AUD's mammoth story adds up to an eight part epic, and if you prefer to enjoy the series in hand, or on your Kindle, head to the School Store where you can find the links to the books as they are published.  Book One of Adrian's Undead Diary is titled Dark Recollections.  The contents of Dark Recollections is free here on the main website.  To read beyond the conclusion of DR, you'll need a premium subscription, or you'll need to pick up the novels in your choice of format.

We are not only attempting to share some high quality zombie, undead and horror genre fiction, but also to build a friendly community of like minded folks! 

General Disclaimer for the sensitive of feelings, and weak of heart: The Diary, the short stories, our chatroom and our forums are intended for mature adults.  We swear, use crude humor, depict violence, and if anything along those lines offends you, you are cordially invited to auto-fornicate.  :-)

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Are you enjoying Adrian's Undead Diary?  Did you enjoy it?  Do you want to give all of my major works plus a few short stories a whirl?  If you own an e-reader, you can.

At Least He's Not On Fire: A Tour of the Things That Escape My Head is a collection of the first handful of chapters from AUD, Elmoryn's The Kinless Trilogy, and my huge urban fantasy hit Tesser: A Dragon Among Us. 

It also has a trilogy of short stories that needed a home, and IT'S FREE!

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Adrian's Most Recent Diary Entry
Le Radio... again! Thursday July 24th
Posted by Chris Philbrook

This coming Thursday I'll be a guest on Texas Terror Radio at about 11:15pm eastern standard time!  I'm only on for about 15 minutes, so don't miss it!

We'll be talking the state of horror, Adrian's Undead Diary, and I'm sure some random stuff will come up.  Time permitting, we might take some calls too!

Here's the linkage:

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